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Abigail 04:30 PM 12-04-2010
AKA Ants on a Log

Peanut Butter (or cream cheese)
Celery Sticks
Raisins (or other dried fruit)

Wash and cut the celery into manageable pieces. Have the children slide their celery sticks across the peanut butter OR you can already have some peanut butter put in them to avoid a sticky mess. Give each child some raisins to stick in the peanut butter creating "ants on a log."

This old-fashioned snack is best for age 2+ and takes only minutes to prepare.
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Michael 04:25 PM 12-05-2010
Nice, thanks for the pictures!
Abigail 04:30 PM 12-05-2010
Yes, I actually made it just to add to this new thread! LOL. I was told to use apples if celery didn't make the cut. ha ha.
VTMom 04:51 AM 12-06-2010
This is a favorite for my kids!

I read in a magazine to make sandwiches out of it too! It would be a pb sandwich with raisins and chopped celery. The kids were impressed!
momatheart 12:25 PM 01-02-2011
I did cream cheese and dried cranberries before too. Some liked it, some did not.
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