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dave4him 07:39 AM 11-21-2011
Need a good craft my one year olds can make mommy for Christmas
SandeeAR 08:14 AM 11-22-2011
You will have to have a helper for this one. Make a handprint wreath.

White paper, plate, pencil, green paint, sponge brush, baby wipe,glue, red construction paper, scissors.

Draw a light circle around the plate onto the paper. Paint right hand green, start at bottom of circle and print on right half. Repaint hand with each print. Do same thing with left hand on left side of circle.

Cut 9 red circles for berries, place 3 groups of berries. Cut a simple red bow for the top. and glue on.

Mom will love this. I framed both of my girls and they have hung in my hall for years.
dave4him 06:09 PM 11-25-2011
thanks. What kind of paint?
joy 02:14 PM 11-27-2011
You may want to make something more secular, in case the children come from diverse backgrounds. Clay that is sold can be non-toxic, or you could make it. I believe it is 2 cups flour, 1 cup salt, 1 cup water. It doesn't dry as pretty as store bought clay, and maybe you can google other recipes.

The children could press their hand in the clay, you will have to push a bit to get the imprint. Even better, trace their hand on cardstock or cardboard and cut it out. Place cut out hand on flatly rolled clay and take a dull plastic knife to cut the hand out. Let the child help and together guide around the handprint. Gently remove unwanted pieces of clay and use a cup to press on clay hand in center to make a circle. Again, cut out circle, that hole in the hand is for the child's photograph. Poke hole with pencil on top.
Let dry overnight, you may have to turn it over and dry both sides, depending on the clay. Dry on paper towel with child's initials. Crayola washable paint is non toxic and you can provide a few choices, even let them use all colors to create a rainbow effect. Paint top, let dry, turn, paint bottom. Let dry, take photo, and after you process the photo, make sure it is small, place on back so child's face is seen on front through the circle. Quite simple, sounds harder than it is. Use a piece of felt to cover the back or the hand, you can cut it to match hand or just make it round to cover most of the back. Tie small ribbon in hole for hanging, or if you prefer, don't poke hole and buy small magnets to glue onto back, on felt, for fridge. Kids have tiny hands so remember to keep photo small.

If you want to add more pizzaz, you can get shiny little gift bags at dollar store, cut into small pieces and press into clay while clay is soft. Or, glue when hand is dry. Model Magic is pricey, but is another option to use the same method as clay. It dries soft, doesn't get too hard, but works well. Crayola makes it. For little hands, shouldn't cost much. Depends on your budget. So, a pretty picture frame, not religious, but a lovely gift. The children can take newsprint, or very thin paper and they can decorate it and you can use it to wrap hand/gift. One cute idea is to use sponges, cut intostars or any shape, hearts, or you can purchase pre-cut sponge shapes. Letters, animals, whatever, but cutting a sponge is the cheapest. They dip sponge into paint and show them to press and lift, not swirl, which they will want to do. If they swirl it, so be it. Still their creative work. Use to wrap when dry.

Make a card, of course. Take a small piece of construction paper, I like white, but your choice. If it's 81/2 by 11 cut in half, fold to make the card small. You can type Happy Holidays 2011 and make enough copies to have children use a glue stick to place on paper, or just write it on the front of card. Show them pictures from magazines, or make lots of clip art, and they can choose what they want to put on card. Use winter type pictures rather than Christmas because you may have children who are Jewish or of a different faith. Snowmen, falling snow, penguins, icicles, scarves, mittens, skis, ice skates, etc. Inside, (have someone photograph the teacher working with the child when they started the clay project) place the picture of the child working with the clay. You can write under picture something like: You see how hard I worked with clay, and now my work you can displey, to wish you a happy holiday, or whatever you want, I made this frame for you with clay, it comes with love and you can say that this is for the holiday.
Sign child's name, they can scribble around inside.
Ok, good luck!
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