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Curriculum>Art Ideas That Don't Involve Paper
Flowerchild 10:51 AM 12-11-2018
We don't have any paper for art and not sure when my boss will be shopping for it. Yet she wants art done daily. What can I do with preschoolers that have no paper to use as the base? Something not crazy messy but yet still educational and fin? Maybe for winter
Flowerchild 10:53 AM 12-11-2018
My typos are killing me. Fun* note i actually wrote tupos first 😞
lovemykidstoo 11:13 AM 12-11-2018
Do you have paper plates? I cut out the centers last week and the kids colored and glued different items on for a wreath
racemom 07:57 PM 12-11-2018
Originally Posted by lovemykidstoo:
Do you have paper plates? I cut out the centers last week and the kids colored and glued different items on for a wreath
We did this today, and will use the cut out centers as Christmas tree ornaments.

You can also use toilet paper tubes and make snowmen, santa claus, trees anything.
Egg cartons bells, caterpillars, etc.

Does art have to be something to take home? Dry erase markers on boards is fun, group coloring/painting on newspaper.
EmilyLily 06:15 AM 01-30-2019
I don't know if you tried this, but I made once with my kids tic tac toe, you only need for that a few stones and cardboard for example (you can also use some fabric, a small wooden board, a piece of plastic, anything). You can draw the net on each cardboard for the game and give them colors so they can color each stone or draw X or O on them. I gave mine two colors (red and green) so they colored the stones and they love the game.
Mariposa 03:04 PM 08-03-2020
Be resourceful with paper if not already. Cut in halves or quarters. Use computer paper for doodles, construction for teacher-led projects.
Use a scrap bin for using little bits so they don't use a whole sheet for a quarter sized piece.

Use cardboard for projects as well. Paper plates, bowls, washable trays. If you're just doing art that you don't need a hard copy of, paint trays.

See if you can put up a wish list for parents (I would not if you're in a very low income area) and put both kinds of paper on it.
CeriBear 06:45 AM 08-22-2020
Painting on bubble wrap is a fun activity. Iíve saved the bubble wrap from things Iíve ordered and then brought it to use for art. Yes, many of the kids will pop it but itís still fun.
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