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katie 01:12 PM 06-07-2010
So I have 4 of my own kids, 4th grade, 2nd, and prek. I have a dcb at 12 months, soon to be a 3 month old, and possibly 3 year old. Do any of you out there homeschool and have such a vast array of ages? How do you do it?? You guys are awesome, thanks!
fctjc1979 01:30 PM 06-07-2010
My own two kids are almost 11 years and 15month old, both girls. For my older daughter, all the instruction happens before or after the daycare kids are here. We don't have a set schedule, she just knows what her assignments are and completes them on her own. If she gets stuck, she has to write on a post-it note why she's stuck and then she moves on to something else. Then I help her with it when there are no daycare kids here. For my 15 month old, I have the Your Baby Can Read series that she loves to watch. Honestly, I couldn't care less if she learns to read from the program. This age is for having fun and figuring out how everyday things work. But she is learning from the program which is an added bonus. The three girls I watch are 5,4, and 2. None of them can read, so the video series for my baby keeps them interested as well. They didn't want to watch it at first because it says that it's for babies but I just say that I'm going to put the baby's video in for her and that they can go play. By the time the first song comes on they are all watching. We also do letter of the day. I have a white board and everyone (including the baby) has their own color. If they say a word that starts with the letter of the day, I write it on the board in their color. To even the playing field, my older daughter can only put words on the board that are 7 letter or more. The daycare kids LOVE it when they end up with more words than her by the end of the day. And my daughter is a good sport and knows that she can let them gloat without it doing any damage to her. I do have the added advantage of only watching these girls on Wednesdays for the most part, so it's not as hard for me to continue to homeschool as it probably is for you. I also have an awesome teacher from the school district that comes every two weeks to see how we are doing. She kept assuring me all year that we were doing great in spite of my fears that we weren't doing enough. At the end of the year when she took the tests, the scores placed her in the 7th grade range even though she did 5th grade this year.
judytrickett 01:49 PM 06-07-2010
My kids homeschool.

My kids both use an online program called Time4learning. Basically they just do their own work on the computer by themselves for an hour or so a day. I can go in behind the scenes in the program and check up on their work.

Reading and such we do together at nap time or in the evenings.

I don't really do any 'schooling' during the day with my own kids - I don't have to - the computer program does it all for me!

But, then again, I am a mix between a HSer and an USer (homeschooler and Unschooler). My kids learn math and language through their online program and the rest they learn by living life.
Michael 02:54 PM 06-07-2010
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katie 07:33 PM 06-07-2010
thanks! Judytrickett you crack me up. I love your replies on here. I need to channel some of your backbone for sure! Thanks again.
safechner 08:13 PM 06-07-2010
I only do homeschool to my 9 years old daughter who is profoundly deaf and diagnosed with PDD (under Autism Spectrum) for the first time since August 2009. We are having a problem with school situation so we just went to a due process hearing in March. A month ago, we found out that we won the case but bad news, the school's attorney wants to file an appeal because they think we shouldn't win the case. We probably will file a huge lawsuit against them and plus section 504. It is a long story.

Anyways, I find it works great when the kids are taking a nap time and a quiet time between 12:30pm to 2:30pm. I start homeschool with her at 12:45pm to 2:30om or 3pm everyday.
melskids 05:08 AM 06-08-2010 is another good website with alot of moms who HS and do DC
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