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KEG123 02:33 PM 11-25-2010
So does anyone here have their own children they homeschool in addition to doing daycare?

I think this is something I would be interested in doing with my son, but of course he is only 2.5 years right now so right now it would be more of a pre school thing.

Of course all this depends on how well we adjust to daycare etc (since I'm not up and running yet), but just curious if anyone else does this, has done this, known someone who's done this, etc.?
marniewon 06:56 PM 11-25-2010
I homeschool my kids, but they are 14 and 16. They have independent work that they do whenever, and at pm nap we do anything that needs to be done together, or anything that needs to be "taught".

You could start with a preschool type curriculum for now, and involve all the dc kids in it also. When he reaches K grade, you could still do a preschool type program with all of them, and just have more advanced work for your ds to do, and then during nap time you could do any real teaching that needs to be done. The beauty of homeschool is that you can do it anytime, anywhere! Don't get it done during the daytime, do it in the evening. Have a rough week, do school on the weekends. Total flexibility!
KEG123 05:41 AM 11-26-2010
That's the plan, if all goes well.
momofsix 06:24 PM 11-26-2010
I homeschooled 5 of our 6 daughters while doing daycare. I wasn't at full capacity at the time though. It went really well and the daycare kiddos always said they were coming to "school" instead of daycare I included them in the "preschool" parts, and my older ones learned to work independently and be responsible for their own schedules. I think it really helped them foster a sense of ownership for their learning.
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