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Abigail 07:29 PM 08-02-2011
I have a ton of questions, but my main question I need to figure out is rates. Since I'm not a parent yet (within two years I should be! LOL) and I have not done daycare besides working at my current group setting with another person with 16 kids on average.....should I charge slightly less to get full and only accept full time? Our average rate is $125 for all ages.
Preschool/daycare teacher 09:21 PM 08-02-2011
I wouldn't necessarily go all full time, nor lower the rate just because you're opening a new one. You have experience, so you're not going into this blind. The parents will fight you on raising the rates when you decide to do that, so start out at what you need it to be. As for full time only, you could take one child 3 days a week, and another child the other 2 days. They'd be sharing a full time spot, but you'd be making a little more on it than the other spots (we charge slightly more for part timers daily, than the full timers would be if their weekly rate was divided by the day). If you do part timers, you would need to let parents know you have a 3 day minimum unless you already have one child coming 3 days, and happen to have two empty days. Daycare providers all have different ideas of "full time" and "part time", what is your's? Some consider it part time if they come half a day even if they come every day. Other's consider part time coming less than 4-5 days a week. My definition is: part time = attending less than 4 days week; full time = attending at least 4 days a week. So the rates are based on that. We have daily rates, or weekly rates. No half day rates, because they still take up a full day's spot. We used to do hourly rates also, but that was a mess! I do NOT recommend it! When do you think you'll be opening? I'm excited for you and love hearing your updates during the process of opening it. I learn a lot about what I will need to think about before I can open one
heyhun77 05:57 AM 08-03-2011
I would call Resource and Referral and ask for a copy of the last rate survey for the zip code you will be in. Rates vary even between North and South parts of town. The rate survey lists the highest price in each age catagory and the lowest as well as the average. That will give you a good picture of your nearest competition.

I, too, wouldn't do lower rates to start but I would be prepared to take the contracts you can get for a while. I'm seeing the trend shift again from fulltime to more calls for parttime and odd hours again.
Abigail 12:54 PM 08-21-2011
If we can get the house we want, we will be able to move in late September. If we don't, it may not be til who knows when! Well, if we move in late September I want to get licensed first and do my setup and start advertising. If I open before November and find I'm full right away, should I raise my rates? Right now I have no one lined up, but I have been telling people I know. I'm just worried about finding 2-3 kids full times right away because I can't quit my job unless I have 2-3 kids lined up to start about the same time. I'm getting stressed out and wondering if I should offer babysitting at my place as a "drop in" option while I get going. Then again, I tend to over analyze things! That would be a lot more paperwork to do.
justgettingstarted 10:55 AM 08-22-2011
I'm in the same situation here! I'm working on getting my license (should be only another month or so) and can't quit my job until I have 2-3 kids lined up. Its a stressful and scary position to be in! Anyway, I was thinking of starting with my rates where I think should be and offering specials when I first open (no registration fee and $100 off first month) as well as as a referral special ($100 off your next month if you refer someone), etc. That way you don't have to raise your rates later and deal with the fallout. Good luck!
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