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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Could this be ODD?
Josiegirl 10:22 AM 06-23-2018
Dck is asked to stop certain behaviors but all she does is smile at me and do it anyways.
She's rough, hits out of anger but also just for the fun of it. I was opening the curtains after quiet time this past week, and she comes right up behind me and hits full force as hard as she can, with her whole body. When you're not expecting it and you're 64, it can be quite an impact.
Toy tug of wars, very possessive and bossy, has to be the center of attention.
If I need her to wait a minute for help, she becomes terribly impatient.
She gets easily frustrated if something doesn't work and calls it stupid.
Runs through the house even though I keep harping WALKING FEET.
If she doesn't want to nap, I understand completely but I do require dcks to rest quietly for a few minutes before they're allowed to have books or a quiet activity. The other day she'd ask me every other minute if she's been quiet enough yet. Then after 10 minutes of that, she started singing songs that would keep her little sister awake.
Wrestles with 1 of the other dcks and is very competitive with him. It's even carrying over into T-ball because dcm says they're that way running after the ball on the field.
This child is turning 5 yo next month and is definitely strong-willed; was just wondering if something else could be going on with her. Input please?? Thanks!!!!
hwichlaz 09:56 PM 06-25-2018
I think itís enough to suggest an evaluation.
Miss A 07:02 AM 06-26-2018
She is old enough to be evaluated and most likely receive a diagnosis should she have ODD.

My almost 2 year old DS exhibits all these behaviors and more, but is too young to be diagnosed.
Tags:defiant, odd behavior, power struggle
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