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sharlan 04:34 PM 02-17-2012
My newest DCM came to pay. When I opened the door, the sun was reflecting off of my dd's car and I didn't recognize her. I said, "May I help you?" She looked at me kind of funny and said she was here to pay. I wanted to close the door and start over.

She had her mom with her and she wanted a quick tour of my home. Of course, it's Fri afternoon and a bit of a mess. The grandma was impressed.
Mary Poppins 05:25 PM 02-17-2012

That's ok, the other day I had a dcm who is a student text me and she said "I am outside". I thought she was still at school so I texted back with "and how's the weather?" because I thought she was just bored and wanting to kill time texting with me.

Turns out she was early and outside on my porch and we couldn't hear her ringing the bell because the kids were playing loudly lol. *smacks head*.

I felt silly and wanted a do-over too.
e.j. 06:47 PM 02-17-2012
I went to introduce a new dc mom to one of the other dc moms I had known for years. (Her sister had had her boys in my care and she had often picked her nephews up so I knew her long before she had her own child and enrolled her in my dc.) I totally blanked and could not remember her name for the life of me - not the new dc mom - the one I had known for years! At least you had a good excuse for not recognizing your dc mom for a minute!
CheekyChick 06:38 AM 02-18-2012
A DCD walked in the front door and I asked him to hold on while I retrieved his daughter from the playroom. As I started walking to the playroom, I realized his daughter wasn't even there. He just stopped by to drop off a check and was staring at me like I was crazy.
Michelle 09:54 AM 02-18-2012
this is all do to Friday brain... i usually stutter a lot and can't finish my sentences on Fridays.
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