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Abigail 08:26 AM 10-15-2013
Has anyone else used excel to type all their income and expenses? I LOVE IT! Unfortunately I waited until last week to start my receipts for taxes that are due today so have pulled 2 most-nighters until 3 am! Everything else I've had done for a long time. It's my first year (2 years in now) so I wanted to wait and make sure I could learn as much as I could.

If anyone else has an organized way of record keeping please share. It would be nice to know how others do it! Also, if you had so many expenses that you claimed a loss was it a big loss or did it roll over?
kelsey's kids 09:10 AM 10-15-2013
I do all my expenses on exel and I love it. I have it set up to total evrything in each column for the expenses I need and have another set up where I put in all the bills for the month and it does my time space percentage and totals what portion is daycare and what portion is personal. I love it
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