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lvt77 02:47 PM 01-13-2011
Resolution plan. Does anyone have one?
dEHmom 05:07 PM 01-13-2011

at the bottom there are different forms for behavioral issues.

You could use one of those to serve as notice, and adjust the words to suit what your needs are. Then follow thru!
dEHmom 05:12 PM 01-13-2011
this is the one that says discipline statement. I think the last paragraph would pertain to you. Since you've probably already gone beyond most of this letter, I'd suggest putting the last part and altering it a bit. Give them a decent amount of time to have it corrected, and then term if you have no other choice.


Dear Parent:

I work with parents/guardians of children in my care to determine the cause of misbehavior and deal with behavior positively.

I use strategies that allow the child to take responsibility for his/her actions.* In addition, I focus on teaching children appropriate behavior.* I do not use threats or bribes; however, I do use Time Out when I feel the child needs a break away from the group.* I focus on teaching children how to interact socially and continually reinforce the limits in my home.* Physical punishment will not be used, even if requested by the parent.

I expect children in my care to respect others, respect the environment and respect themselves.* Hitting, kicking, spitting, biting, hostile verbal behavior and other behaviors, which will hurt another child, are not permitted.

Each child will be dealt with individually.* Consequences will occur immediately after the behavior.* As a parent, I ask you not to punish your child at home for misbehavior shown while in my care.* Please trust that I will handle the matter at my home.* Furthermore, I will not discipline your child for an incident, which happened anywhere other than the daycare home.

If your child continually misbehaves, I will call you and discuss the difficulty by phone or make an appointment to discuss the difficulty with you.* I will not discuss problems in front of your child, other children or other parents.

I will keep you posted on all happenings that we are involved in at my home.* If I am experiencing behavior difficulties with your child, I will let you know as soon as possible.* I hope that together we can create a behavior management strategy, which will control the behavior.

In those instances when a behavior is very disruptive or harmful to the child or other children, I will discuss the issue with you.* If an intervention can be made and will warrant success, the child can remain enrolled.* If you will not seek appropriate assistance or we cannot effectively meet the needs of your child, you will be asked to make other childcare arrangements.* I will assist you to the best of my ability to help you find other arrangements.* Thank you in advance for your assistance!

(Your Name) ~ Childcare Provider

(Mother's Signature)

this one is the probation notice:

Probation Notice

Dear parent,
Only the items checked below pertain to your child.

____ biting
____ kicking/ pinching
____ not eating
____ not taking bottles
____ crying excessively
____ fearful of others
____not resting/ cries
____not socializing with others
Health and Wellness:
___child has excessive colds
___child complaints _______________hurts
___child has excessive loose stools
___child is unwell
_____2 week termination notice is hereby given starting _______________ to _________
_____Probation period: Your child will be placed on a probation period starting _____________ to _______________
Explanation: We feel at this time that day care is to stressful for your child. It is our hopes that over the next two weeks your child will make the final adjustment. However, if not then it is recommended that you find a child care with a smaller group, or provide a nanny for your child and try a group situation again in a few months when he a little older and maybe emotionally ready for it.
Recommendation: The child will be on two weeks probation. If the situation does not change by the end of two weeks then at that time we will make a final evaluation. If necessary we will either extend the probation period another week if the child is showing progress. If no progress has been made then we give the standard termination notice at that time so you have time to find adequate child care. It is our hopes that your child will make progress over the next couple of weeks.
Signature: __________________________________Date:_______________
Signature(s):________________________________Date: _______________
lvt77 07:03 PM 01-13-2011
I really can't thank you enough that is an awesome form. I did find that other site earlier today but found no forms for behavior or displine.
Again thank u thank u.
dEHmom 08:33 PM 01-13-2011
no problem. There are different sections on that website for the forms at the bottom. Theres medical, misc., business, etc etc. It took me a while before I figured it out.
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