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dolores 05:20 PM 07-15-2020
An employee claimed and received unemployment for several months because we were closed during the pandemic. I received an invoice from the Dept of Labor for a portion of unemployment they paid employee. I've been paying unemployment tax for decades which more than covers what they paid employee so why am I getting a bill from them? Plus, my accountant told me my unemployment rate might increase because of this . Has anyone with employees experienced this? I'm so confused !
dolores 06:12 PM 07-15-2020
Oh, never mind. Just reread DOL letter that starts with THIS IS NOT A BILL which clearly I scrolled past and went to payments made to employee . Well, those payments were charged to our unemployment account so there is nothing to pay. However, the letter does say charges will be used to calculate our rate for next year . Basically, read thoroughly several times to save yourself angst .
Blackcat31 07:02 PM 07-15-2020
Oh good! You shouldn’t be responsible for the “extra” money people received due to the pandemic.
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