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lmdc 05:47 PM 10-20-2009
hi, all =)

as I've mentioned before, I am relatively new to the day care biz, and was wondering if anyone had any tips for developing a curriculum? I have mixed ages ranging from 10 months to almost 3 years during the day ( and then school age kids).

momofsix 06:19 PM 10-20-2009
There are hundreds of free websites out there. You can just type in anything you might want to have them learn about like "fall preschool lesson plans" (or themes). You can adapt almost anything to the ages you have. My babies do circle time with the big kids, but don't do the craft. I also go to the llibrary and get all the books I can find on whatever theme we're learning about. I try to do things relating to our theme in the areas of math/science, language, large and small motor, drarmatic play and art.
Once you have a curriculum written out or saved, it is easier for the next years to repeat, with adaptions as needed. I have a curriculum that goes for 2 years, so the same kids don't repeat too much of the same stuff.
Just be careful--curriculum writing can be addicting! (at least for me!)
cuddlebuggz 10:38 AM 10-21-2009
I agree, there are many great websites, also mailbox magazine is a great one to subscribe too. I love it. Funshine Express you can order your monthly curriculum from them a little costly but worth it and you can use it WITH your own set up.

I started a file system years ago each file is a letter..I have one for each letter A-Z. After years of doing childcare they are jam packed with fun crafts, stories, books, and more. When I find something new I add it, rotate them every year so children dont do the same thing each year.
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