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Ander 09:39 AM 03-15-2013
Hello, everyone,

My name is Ander and I am a service design student doing my master thesis about how to measure the development of children. My thesis focuses on kids between 0-4 years old.

At this moment I am in the research phase, and I am gathering as much information as possible related to how caregivers register this information. My main objective is to develop a useful tool to help caregivers during this registration.

Since this is a childcare forum, I hope that some of you have experience with this topic and can help me answering some questions. I have prepared a short questionnaire and I would really appreciate if you could take 10 minutes to help me out.

This is the link of the questionnaire:

Thank you very much for your time and I hope that with your answers I will be able to design a great tool.

I would be glad to share the results of this research with anyone that is interested.

Tags:children, development
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