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missheather 05:53 PM 09-11-2013
Hello everyone!
Over the weekend I heard from my landlord who has agreed to approve all of our requests for updates/ modifications to be made to the house. She has also agreed to allowing me to do Day care/ Foster care and will sign the paperwork (for California) to allow me to have up to 8 day care children
She surprised us yesterday and a contractor showed up and began removing the old ugly broken hot tub and unsafe decking. Today he will be returning and also installing a brand new dish washer!! Double yay!!

One step closer to getting my license!!

Unregistered 06:08 PM 09-11-2013
MCC 07:05 PM 09-11-2013
That is so exciting! Congrats!
SilverSabre25 07:11 PM 09-11-2013
That's fabulous! What wonderful news!

I would send her chocolates and a thank you card
Familycare71 07:16 PM 09-11-2013
MotherNature 07:42 PM 09-11-2013
Nice landlord-congrats!
originalkat 07:14 AM 09-12-2013
That is awesome!
jessrlee 07:16 AM 09-12-2013
That's so great!!! I would have the kiddos make her a craft and plate of cookies
butterfly 11:52 AM 09-12-2013

missheather 11:58 AM 09-12-2013
Originally Posted by SilverSabre25:
I would send her chocolates and a thank you card
Thank you! I agree!!
WImom 12:00 PM 09-12-2013
That's great news!!
missheather 12:00 PM 09-12-2013
Thank you everyone!
I am so excited to start this next "stage" in my life! I still have SO much to do but now that I am sure we are staying in this house it is a huge weight lifted off my shoulders!

Dishwasher is in and I am actually looking forward to "doing" the dishes tonight!
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