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Unregistered 10:54 PM 08-03-2010
I live in a town of >20,000 in Alabama. Right now I have approx 45 (w/ room for 103) kids in the center. I'm considering a rate increase of $5.00. Infants are $85, Pre K is $80, and b&a school is $45 and $40. I make payroll and bills w barely anything left for me.

What are others centers charging?
melskids 04:49 AM 08-04-2010
wow! and i thought i was in a low paying

i get $125 for infants, actually, all ages. i'm an in home provider.

the centers around here are getting $175-$200 just for infants, and around $150 for prek age.

i would call around to other centers in your area to get some prices ......
swaddlebees 05:34 AM 08-04-2010
i get $75 a week all ages. centers here get $80-$100

Def call around, but if you are 1/2 full, i would think the rate increase may not fly...
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