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Unregistered 06:11 PM 04-26-2014
Hi guys so i have a problem my landlord had given me permission last month to get certified/licensed for daycare so I've been taking classes but now she's not sure because she's afraid that it will affect her taxes. Do you guys know if her taxes will be affected in anyway? I live in Wisconsin if that will be helpful at all. Thanks
sahm1225 06:49 PM 04-26-2014
I'm not sure how it would affect her taxes since its YOUR business and you would be the one paying taxes on it. The only thing I can think of is that she is thinking that her property taxes would go up, but again, I'm not sure how that would happen.
Heidi 12:48 PM 04-27-2014
No, it will not affect her taxes. She is getting rent from you, the same as always, not making money from your business.

You also don't need special zoning for family childcare in WI. It's written into the regulations that you can do it in a residential-zoned area.

I would, however, look at your renters policy to make sure you have a rider to cover your daycare, and that your landlord's liability is not increased by allowing you to run a daycare.

Check with 4-C to see if they can give landlord permission form (or look on DCF's website). You will need that to get certified or licensed.
Unregistered 06:30 AM 04-28-2014
See thats what I thought and i'm getting insurance for the daycare (even though they're under our family insurance because they're my niece and nephews) but I want to make sure I'm certified before I do but now she wants proof on paper and I don't know how to get her that proof. I dont know she's a difficult landlord to handle but thank you both for answering!
Heidi 06:55 AM 04-28-2014
You can get a rider on your renters insurance before you're certified. Call your agent.
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