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Unregistered 10:51 AM 03-28-2017
I am having problems with my rental property this is literally right behind my house
I have a daycare and been licensed for 16 years
the tenants refuse to pay rent and whenever we ask them for the rent they get very hostile or hide in the house.
we are on our last month of a trial modification program
( short history... we almost lost our property because of them not paying rent) anyways I took in a lot more kids and I am trying to cover their rent but I had agencies that shorted me this month due to parents not turning in their pay stubs etc.)
well, we only have until Friday to pay our mortgage or they will immediely foreclose on us.
We want to evict them but they said they will make sure we lose our daycare if we do ( we have never done anything wrong and have a perfect record with licensing) but they said they will go up to parents and cause problems
we can't afford a lawyer and one time when my husband went over there to ask for the rent, the guy hit him in the face and my hubby had to get 6 stiches at the VA hospital ( hubby is 51)
we are afraid of them now and they are living for free in our nice 3 bedroom 2 bath rental. The rent is only $1500 even though the house is worth a lot more
I don't know what to do.. get more kids? I already have 14
work all weekend? I work 16 hours a day already
Just need advice or maybe do you know if a low income lawyer can stop them from ruining our business? It's my families only income
thanks for listening
Ariana 11:05 AM 03-28-2017
Where I live we have a tenant and landlord board. What state are you in? You should be able to get them evicted for free. Lawyers work there but are free.

Next time you go to discuss anything with them, make sure the police are with you. Did you filed charges of assault against them? That would help. I would get the police to deliver documents etc as well. I had a parent that had to give someone documentation for court and they kept hiding from him so he got the police to deliver the paper to them while they were working.
Unregistered 11:39 AM 03-28-2017
I am in California
and the main problem is they keep threatening our daycare
they said if we call the police they will do things to destroy my business
Ariana 11:51 AM 03-28-2017
Originally Posted by Unregistered:
I am in California
and the main problem is they keep threatening our daycare
they said if we call the police they will do things to destroy my business
Tell the police they said that and take out a restraining order. People cannot do that to you. Call the police and ask for advice. Find a tenant board in your state and call them to see what you can do.
Mike 05:49 PM 03-28-2017

I agree. Need the police involved. Tell them what's going on and they will help you deal with it.
Kajada 05:52 PM 03-28-2017
Aside from bad-mouthing you in the community, what could they do to hurt your business? That would be terrible of course, but if you operate legally, I imagine they wouldn't be able to shut down your daycare.
Unregistered 06:18 PM 03-28-2017
Be proactive. Tell all the parents ahead of time what is going on. Explain everything and tell them that the tenants are threating to spread lies to get revenge and destroy your business. Then get the tenants formally evicted (its a can't just toss them out)
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