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momatheart 12:04 PM 04-07-2011
Are sprinklers ok for licensed providers to use? I was just reading under the post titled "Admire You" and it mentioned not being allowed to use sprinklers.

What state has this law?
Blackcat31 12:37 PM 04-07-2011
I'm in MN and we use a sprinkler every summer. For us I think it is the standing water that is in pools that is the issue for bacteria and germs. We have no regs about sprinklers. The kids love ours!! Another big thing is the slip N slide! Waay fun!!
snbauser 12:56 PM 04-07-2011
In NC we are allowed to use sprinklers and water tables. No pools of any kind.
Michael 04:35 PM 04-07-2011
We know of no state childcare requirements that do not premit lawn sprinklers. If there was a requirement, it would be for water sprinkler heads should be below grass level. We use the Pop-up Spray Head Sprinklers.

For Brass Sprinklers

PitterPatter 04:42 PM 04-07-2011
We are allowed to use sprinklers, water tables and small baby type pools in WV. The pools have to be emptied daily and cleaned of course but we are allowed to use them. The state actually cuts us some slack there! My monitor says he doesn't agree with the pools and I should avoid using them but they are permitted by law.
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