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daycare 03:04 PM 03-14-2012
Here is an update on TK!

Proposed Changes to Transitional Kindergarten and Other Early Childhood Programs: The governor has proposed changes to transitional kindergarten, but uncertainty remains concerning the implications of those proposed changes. It appears that the Governor intends to remove the mandate for transitional kindergarten, but what is not yet clear is districts that do choose to implement TK will be able to draw ADA for students in those classes. The result has been that many districts are holding off on planning for TK. If the mandate for districts to implement TK is in fact retained, however, this will make quality implementation by Fall 2012 (the current deadline for at least beginning implementation) very difficult.

Preschool California is recommending that districts continue to plan for Fall 2012 implementation, because, after all, that is the current law. Further, Preschool California believes that districts would be able to draw ADA for students when they turn 5 years of age. This might mean, however, that districts could be providing services for a few months to children who are not yet 5 – and for whom the district could not draw ADA. A trailer bill to clarify the situation will likely be introduced in February 2012.

In addition, the Governor’s proposal suggests large cuts to subsidized child care and preschool services and to child care provided via CalWORKS funding. These cuts could affect many more children than those who will be affected by the changes in transitional kindergarten.
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