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awestbrook713 01:26 PM 11-04-2011
I participate in the food program and for infants the parents have the choice of providing the solid foods and formula or having the provider provide it. So I say down with a mom who will be bringing her 6 week old in the next few weeks and we discussed what she wanted. She said she was going to provide everything. I get the paper back I have to turn into the program coordinators and guess what mom wants me to provide the solid food. I guess this is her way of sticking it to me for raising my rates and making it mandatory to pay whether the child is there or not. Well her daughter who I gave her a break on and agreed to an hourly rate will also be charged the new rate, just gonna stick it right back at her. Sometimes these parents are more childish then the children they bring us. Vent over!
sassysue 01:31 PM 11-04-2011
Everyone loves free! I just posted a story about the food program and infants at the exact time you posted.At least you don't have my daycare parent that wants me to supply all the food for her baby.
You try to do something nice and give her a good rate and that's the thanks you get.
Simply tell her"Oh that rate was only good if you supply the food,here's the rate if I do!"
awestbrook713 01:34 PM 11-04-2011
I read your post and had to lol. If these parents can't handle the costs there is a really simple solution stop having kids.......
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