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Abigail 09:57 PM 11-19-2011
What general authorization forms do you use in your daycare? I have a list of titles to forms I need to create and need to get a few done this week so I'm a bit more prepared for interviews.

I have this as the last bullet on my "Records for Your Child" in my handbook:

•General Permission Slips (as necessary)
*Photograph, Field Trips, Medication, Diapering Products, Sunscreen, Insect Repellent, Incident Report

Now I am currently working on my prescription and non-prescription medication forms. Those are easy. What do you guys have for the photograph, field trips, and diapering products forms if you have created any? The Incident Report forms I was given by our local CCRR office and they're wonderful! The sunscreen and insect repellent forms I'm not really concerned about because we live where we don't need it until May again. Please share what you have!
Sprouts 07:06 AM 11-20-2011
here are a lot of forms on here but very good ones
Abigail 06:21 PM 11-20-2011
UGH, some daycare providers are so un-original! Thank you for the sites, but I've been googling and I have found that 9 out of 10 of the sites I went to seriously just used the daycare ladys permission to photograph their child with the checklist format. I don't like that and want to keep it simple. Now this will drive me nuts, LOL.

If anyone has a few sentences that is unique, please let me know! I don't have a website that I would put children's pictures on, only pictures of my daycare setup. I want to do group pictures and individual pictures and keep a photo album over the years. Photographs will be posted at daycare, but never with a name next to it.
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