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CountryRoads 02:55 PM 06-24-2020
Okay, so I've got a new dcb3. He's been coming for a couple weeks. They show up around 9:00 which is right when we are supposed to be starting circle time.

Dcb plays mom like a fiddle. He whines and cries for her to stay, she tells him "just for a few minutes." She takes off her shoes and comes and sits with us for circle time I stop what I'm doing. After a couple minutes, I tell dcb that we need to get on with our day and do circle time. I always hope when she realizes she's holding us up, she will leave. Instead, she picks up a book and reads it to him. It's very disruptive and holds up our schedule when she's here for 10-15 minutes.

She finally tells him she has to go to work. He makes a big production and cries, whines, all of a sudden needs a big hug and kiss from her, etc. Of course, he is fine by the time she gets to her car.

How do I end this? I understand it's hard for parents to leave their kids when they are crying, but I've told her over and over that he's fine as soon as she leaves and I send pictures.

He's coming tomorrow and I'm already dreading the drop-off. How do I handle this?
Valerie928 03:25 PM 06-24-2020
I don't let parents in my home for drop offs/pick ups. I take the child by the hand from the parent and say "have a good day", then I close my door. They can say their goodbyes to each other before they come through my door. I can't stand lingering parents.
Meeko 04:52 PM 06-24-2020
Due to Covid19 restrictions, parents are not allowed to step foot in the house here.
But I have a no parent in the playroom policy anyway. I also have it in my handbook that parents are not allowed to linger. I go over it at interview. Say goodbye. Leave. Works best for everyone.

You need to get control of it now, or 15 mins will become 20 etc and when you eventually HAVE to bring it up, she's going to say "But it hasn't been a problem until now!"

Good luck. It's not easy sometimes...but make sure she knows it's not OK. Your house. Your rules.
Unregistered 10:11 PM 06-24-2020
My policy states not to linger and why they shouldn't. My preschool program is only 2 hours so I also have a drop off time and it is 30 min before before circle. My school age on non school days is is drop off by 930 so they could enjoy food and activities.
Maybe something to add and present to all parents to sign off on as a provision?
Cat Herder 04:11 AM 06-25-2020
Quick drop-off and pick-up on the porch. That is my usual routine but a strict state rule right now due to COVID-19.
Annalee 05:20 AM 06-25-2020
Originally Posted by Cat Herder:
Quick drop-off and pick-up on the porch. That is my usual routine but a strict state rule right now due to COVID-19.
Oh yeah, just shut the door right in their face....Love it so much I might keep this up forever!
Snowmom 06:15 AM 06-25-2020
Unless you're going to restrict families from coming inside (which I am in TOTAL support of and do it myself), then you are going to have to address it to her directly.

"Mom, the best approach to drop off in the mornings is to say a cheerful goodbye and promptly leave. He is quick to adapt to activities as soon as you leave. However, lingering only causes more stress for Joey and the other children. "
Blackcat31 07:23 AM 06-25-2020
Some other threads about lingering parents
AmyKidsCo 11:47 AM 06-25-2020
I'd blame it on Covid and require her to either stay outside or in a specific area (on a rug?) and not linger. Allowing her in the play area increases the number of germs she's exposed to, and exposes the children to her germs.
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