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Daycare and Taxes>Can I Start A Home Daycare When I Rent My Home
Unregistered 10:06 AM 02-28-2011
i am very interested in starting my own home daycare however i am not to sure if i can being as though i rent and do not own my it possible to open a home daycare when your renting? are there any other options i could really use some advice.
daycare 10:31 AM 02-28-2011
not sure what state that you are in, however, in my state of ca, the landlord cannot deny you the right to have a DC in your house for a small license. They can deny you for a large license.
Blackcat31 10:38 AM 02-28-2011
Each state has their own regulations in this area. Check with them and check with your landlord.
Unregistered 10:50 AM 03-01-2011
thanxs so much and btw i live in the state of maryland and i have been checking but have seen anything in the regulations about renting a home and doing a family daycare but i will continue my search thanx
newtodaycare22 10:07 AM 03-02-2011
I am in MD. I'm pretty sure you can as long as you get an agreement from the landlord. Call the child care office of your county to double check.
My Daycare 01:07 PM 03-04-2011
Check your particular town also. Some towns around here (not MD) have their own licensing requirements.
SandeeAR 08:11 AM 03-05-2011
I'm in Arkansas and rent. My landlord has set a limit on the amount of kids I can have.
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