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[email protected] 06:14 PM 09-03-2019
Hi I work in a daycare and I have been for the last 3 1/2 years Iím currently going to be leaving in two weeks I want to come up with a cool and creative gift for all the kids 13 but I canít seem to come up with anything anyone have any ideas thanks so much
Michael 02:26 AM 09-04-2019
Welcome to the forum. Here are some threads on Parting Gifts:
Cat Herder 05:25 AM 09-04-2019
What age group?
[email protected] 05:41 AM 09-04-2019
8 months to 4
Cat Herder 06:02 AM 09-04-2019
Right now I am really enjoying giving Positive Promotions Family Engagement gifts, Oriental Trading Company craft sets and Book Bundler sets. (divide into take home kits) (divide into take home kits)

Last year my favorite was the Crayola art supply mini-backpacks.
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