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Happy Panda 07:18 AM 08-02-2016
Hi single moms and teachers,

My name is Elisabeth and I am looking for a housemate/single parent to rent a townhouse or home in the DMV to start a home daycare. This would be perfect for a single parent who also needs childcare.

I am looking to start a boutique-style home daycare in whatever house/townhouse I choose to rent (no more than 6-8 children, all under the age of 5). For that reason, I am looking to be as close to DC as possible and on/near a major road. I have already found several potential locations, but would need a roommate to afford the monthly rent. My budget for my portion of the rent is $1400-1600. I am looking for a housemate that will be willing to contribute at least $800-1200 to the rent, so we can find a property in the range of $2000-2800. I am available to move starting September.

I am a 29 year old black/Korean female. I am an elementary teacher, teaching in DC. I recently had a baby, she is 9 months old now. Being a classroom elementary teacher for high needs communities in DC was challenging as a mom of a young baby. I also had a difficult time finding affordable childcare I liked and could trust for the development of my baby, so I am determined to stay at home with her. I am married, but separated from my husband almost 4 months ago. We are determined to co-parent, so you do not have to worry about baby daddy drama. I enjoy eating (I cook mainly Korean food), playing with my baby (she is so good, easy to care for), spending time with friends, watching tv/movies, reading. I am very clean (and will need to be a little more hyper about cleanliness once I start my business, but I will hire help for that). I am intelligent, kind, generous, honest, and will also share food. I am very respectful and try to be a positive person. I have family and friends in the area, so they might be over occasionally.

I hope we are a good match, please reach out if you think we are!