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mikew 04:10 PM 02-15-2010
Not sure if this is thee right place to post this. I found this site while checking out daycare, I am new here so hang in there with me.

I found an awesome solution to my sons daycare napping issues with having to lug around all these blankets and mats for him to sleep on and washing was a nightmare and the black trash bags that i saw in a pile at the day care got me searching around for a solution....

I found it here

so I bought one and I have to say it is well made and easy to wash and my kid loves it because it is his own ad not only does he use it at daycare but when i go to a friends house and it is sleep time but i am not ready to go, i unroll it and it he gets in it as if we were at home and falls asleep it is light enough that he can carry it. Would be nice to have one my size also, ya never know when it will be

This is cool because here our county says that the sleep mats cannot touch eachother, some kind of cross contamination or something, sounds ok i guess.

My daycare provider just bought 10 of them to add to the tution cost and she loves it also.

anyway I thought I would share my experiance with this and let you folks know about it and no I do not work for them, I am a single dad and I work as an I.T. Manager

So I just hope this helps other parents out there with this same problem?


mac60 02:28 AM 02-16-2010
Looks nice, but way too expensive for me.
Daycare Mommy 09:39 AM 02-16-2010
Yikes! I thought I was shelling out at $23 per cot! Those are pricey!
Carole's Daycare 11:07 AM 02-16-2010
Way too expensive for me too. I guess if parents wanted to buy them on their own and we made the parents responsible for providing acceptable nap solution- but then many parents wouldn't spend the money and we'd still be storing mats or cots and blankets etc. I do like the bag thats easy to transport and that could be hung up or put in a cubby though....
Carole's Daycare 11:59 AM 02-16-2010
I was just thinking- after looking at nap mats etc on ebay- what about yoga mats? don't some of them roll up- and have a germ resistant cover etc?
michaelclarve 04:56 AM 02-18-2010
Why not.. ?? I think ebay is all providing the stuff you needed.. Roll up mats ..!!

gbcc 05:34 PM 02-18-2010
Those would not be state approved for daycare in my state. They don't meet the requirements of material and inches.
Carole's Daycare 07:30 AM 02-23-2010
Mine either
Oh well.I dont want to waste my storage space on cots, so I guess I'll just keep replacing the regular mats. I might switch to the hanging variety- I have a "closet under the stairs" that I keep toys in that need permission to access. I could mount the nap mat holder in there maybe.
mikew 12:07 PM 03-03-2010
I also took into consideration the cost , but the convience of this thing has proven far more valuable than the 40 bucks so far.

first off I no longer have to cart around pillows,blankets and an ugly as can be black trash bag

its small enough to fit in the trunk

His daycare teacher has told me he has fallen asleep much faster than usual and he gets it out himself and unrolls it and climbs in, he has yet to get the hang of rolling it up yet though.

anyway I like it and it has made it easier on me. less things to carry besides the arts and crafts.

The thickness thing i am not seeing an issue with, i laid on it and it is suprisingly soft and the pillow is the softest i have ever felt , i really want a memory foam pillow for myself, really it is soft.

also they have a child ID dna kit which was rather cool, they did a presentation at the daycare,of which i was not able to attend, but i have a brochure on it and it looks real thourough and with the latest news of all bad things in the world i think i will try this also and its inexpensive only like 15 bucks,unless anyone else has a better product for this?

I called the company up today to order a kit and I spoke to one of the owners, nice guy, seems that all the owners are single dads like me, and that the woman that invented the bed roll is a single mom, i told them about this forum and they said they would check it out, and yes i bought the kit 15 dollars and only 5.95 shipping is cheap.

ok i am rambling now ,

thanks for listening

p.s. why do kids eat bugs? its just wrong!
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