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tinsch 12:05 PM 07-12-2010

I am a parent that has my children enrolled at a daycare center. Our center is currently struggling to hang in there from the loss of staff memebers and our director. The owner is now involved and trying to turn things around. I have decided that instead of running for the hills that I will help turn it around and make this a place that we all want to send our children and would love to give referrals to other families.

A group of parents and I have been talking back in and forth and we met with the owner to give her a list of our concerns, suggestions, etc. One suggestion was that we start a parent advisory committee. I know that a private center typically doesn't have one, but I think that it would be a great benefit for us. However, she has asked me to assist her in the preperation for starting this, and I have gathered as much information as possible on how is should / could work, etc. But I was hoping that I could get some assistance here as well, as I am seeming to have a hard time finding information through the internet. I guess my main concern is just where to start and how to get this started. Like I said, we have so many parents on the fence of leaving because of the management issues right now, but I know the owner and temporary directors are working hard to change this around so i want to get parents invovled as much as possible to work on some of the other issues that we are having.

Please let me know if you have suggestions or websites / resources that could help us.

Thank you,
originalkat 12:51 PM 07-12-2010
I wish I had some solid information/resources to suggest, but unfortunately I don't. Like you said, parent organizations in for-profit preschool/childcares are rare. However, I think it is a wonderful idea. The owner/director needs to provide the structure for this so it does not become a gripe session. I would think a monthly meeting could be held with pre-planned topics laid out to go over and ask for suggestions and volunteers. Both teachers and parents should be represented. I would focus on topics/ideas/events that could be planned to strengthen the school environment. (Fall Festival, Teacher Appreciation week, Staff Birthdays, Book Fair etc...) Of course this can not all be done at once especially if the school is struggling financially...but it is a place to start. The owner needs to decide what school decisions (staff, financial, policies), if any, the parent group will have a say in. Good Luck!
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