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Unregistered 07:52 AM 09-22-2010
Do you consider Christmas eve a holiday? And with Christmas falling on a sat, how do you plan ontreating 2 these days and holiday pay? I was thinking that if their normal day to come is fri, and the christmas holiday is sat, then the christmas holiday would be recognizied on fri,, but christmas eve is a holiday in my contract, so how do you all work that??
MyAngels 08:06 PM 09-22-2010
I do specify Christmas Eve and Christmas Day as paid holidays in my contract. If Christmas falls on Saturday then the paid days are Thursday and Friday for me. Normally my holidays coincide with the federal holidays, as I only take the major holidays plus the Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.
DCMomOf3 08:04 AM 09-23-2010
If the holiday is on a saturday I get friday off. If it's on a Sunday I get Monday off. I also do take Christmas Eve off. If the 24th were on a Saturday and the 25th on a sunday, I'd get Fri through Monday off and start back up on Tuesday.
newtodaycare22 09:30 AM 09-23-2010
I only require pay for Federal Holidays. I close on Christmas eve but I don't ask for pay, as it's not an official holiday. However, this year, when Christmas is being federally observed on Christmas eve....I'll be getting paid
tenderhearts 10:29 AM 09-23-2010
I only take Christmas day as a paid holiday IF it falls on their regular scheduled day. If I took Christmas Eve off I wouldn't get paid.
misol 11:06 AM 09-23-2010
I close early (at noon) on Christmas Eve. For my other paid holidays if a holiday falls on Saturday, I close the Friday before. If the holiday falls on a Sunday I close the Monday after.
DanceMom 11:41 AM 09-23-2010
I am closed Eve and Day. In my contract if a holiday falls on a saturday I am closed Friday, if it falls on a Sunday I am closed Monday. For christmas this year since Eve is on a friday and I am closed already I am closing Monday the 27th.
MarinaVanessa 11:51 AM 09-23-2010
I'm closed on Christmas and Christmas eve and get holiday pay. If a holiday falls on a Saturday, I close on Friday and it's paid, if it falls on a Sunday I close Monday and get paid. However, this year since Christmas Eve falls on Friday I'll be closed Friday and Christmas falls on Saturday (and I'll already be closed Friday) I'm just going to close Friday and not make the families pay for Christmas. We don't celebrate Christmas anyway, we celebrate on Christmas Eve and my family is close so I have no reason to close on Monday as well.
Lianne 11:57 AM 09-23-2010
In Canada we get Christmas Day and Boxing Day as Stat. holidays. Both fall on the weekend this year so I'm taking Mon. 27th and Tues 28th as my paid stats. I'm open on Christmas Eve but only until noon because I know only one family actually has to work that day but is finished at noon. I doubt the others will be here at all. I'm also taking December 31st off paid in lieu of New Years Day and then will take the 29th and Thursday off without pay. This way I get the whole week off but only lose two days' pay.
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