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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Is This Week Over Yet??
mainemomma 04:35 AM 12-21-2010
Is it ever going to end?! Monday dcg gets dropped off and mom says big sister is home sick...well, i had 2 other parents here so i didn't get a chance to ask what was wrong. About 10 I finially get a second to sit down (8 kids and my helper didnt show ) and I text her...big sister who is 4 has pink eye. ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! Like I need that going through here the week before christmas!!! I ask her to come pick up 22 month old since shes home with other girl...after she had been here for 3 hours already!!!

Today my 2 year old decided 3am would be a good time to wake up and not go back to sleep. You can imagine the awesome mood he is in right now...and my 4 year old is upset because it rained last night, which melted the snow, which means no sliding during gym at school today. UGH. Oh..and no helper AGAIN today...sigh...

Wed is half day is the christmas party's at school and a half day so I will have all 12 hyped up kidos as of noon...

Thursday no school and will have 12 all day and is our little christmas party..

Friday I have 5 dck's till noon plus my 2 boys..

I still have to buy something for my son's teachers and my mom..

AND I havn't wrapped a SINGLE present!!!

I also have to add I am not looking forward to next school and kids everyday but monday
SilverSabre25 04:44 AM 12-21-2010
Your post sound suspiciously like the one I wrote in Vents last night! Apparently, quite a few of us are having the same week...

Good luck! I'm feeling the same way (isn't the week over yet?!) and have been since about 9 AM yesterday.
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