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Klee 07:49 AM 08-31-2012
When moving a child out of a crib. Is it best to move to a cot or a floor mat?
Is there a ruling on if you should use a cot or mat?
itlw8 07:58 AM 08-31-2012
every states rules are different. I like cots they cradle the child to keep them on. My state used to require cots but they now allow some mats.
klee 08:04 AM 08-31-2012
This would be for a school in IN
Michael 05:37 PM 08-31-2012

470 IAC 3-1.2-5 Naps
Authority: IC 12-13-5-3
Affected: IC 12-17.2
Sec. 5. (b) The licensee may use washable cots, sleeping bags, or mats for toddlers over
twenty-four (24) months of age.
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