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fairymama 09:47 AM 01-29-2013
I don't know exactly wht is the difference between listed home daycare and registered home daycare.I am searching now a daycare in San Antonio and I found a lady with a 'listed' daycare and her max capacity is three,
Why three only I think the max capacity shouldn't be less than 6 correct?

Does any one has certain recommendations for a home daycare in SA near the medical center?
Nickel 02:30 PM 01-29-2013
A listed family home is one where the provider has filled out an application for home daycare, has had a criminal background check, FBI fingerprint check (if they've lived out of state) as well as a central abuse and neglect check (basically to see if they've ever had any incidents of child abuse or neglect on their record). They can have up to 3 unrelated children and are not regulated by the state, i.e. no inspections, food program, etc.

A registered home is one in which a provider can only have up to 6 children and I believe 6 additional school agers. They have to have a class, inspection, cpr and first aid, fire inspection, etc. Their rules and guidelines are less stringent than a licensed home and they aren't inspected as often.

A licensed home is the same as registered only they have up to 12 children (only a certain number under age 2) they are regulated by the state, inspected, must have classes, and have to follow other rules and regulations as determined by the state. If you go on the texas child care licensing website it can show you the differences in detail.

Providers choose the type of child care home that best fits them. It doesn't mean that one is better than the other, although I know many people have differing opinions on that.

Hope that helped. I don't know much about the San Antonio area, sorry.
Michael 02:37 PM 01-29-2013
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