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cmb2477 10:35 PM 03-27-2014
I am doing a Hazard Protection Plan for the first time and was wondering if anyone has a sample that they may want to share, just so I will know how to lay it out or word it. never done one before. if you can help me, email to
Thank you in advance
sahm1225 04:41 AM 03-28-2014
You just need to list the potential hazards and what you're doing to keep them from being hazards.
Few examples -
- busy street so you will keep outdoor time in your fenced in back yard
- cleaning supplies will be kept in a locked cabinet
- smoke detectors will be tested monthly and on each level
- you will have baby gates on stairs

Good luck!
Second Home 06:01 AM 03-28-2014
Does you state agency have blank templates for you to use ?
We have a whole list of blank templates/ forms from the state to print off as needed .
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