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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>"Weight Gain after starting daycare" Update!
LovetheSun 11:41 PM 02-28-2015
Hi everyone!

A little while back I posted about my weight gain (about 25pounds!) after starting the daycare and thought if is was just stressed related, and I asked you guys opinions.

And some of you suggested to check my THYROID, I finally did it and it IS!!

I am starting a new food diet (gluten free, limited legumes etc.. ) and medicines this week, I should see and feel a difference within a few weeks. I am also so so so tired and thought it was just from work but that is due to my thyroid problem.

Apparently a lot of people has thyroid problem...Don't wait as long as I did if you have similar symptoms!

Thanks everyone for your kind help
Josiegirl 04:11 AM 03-01-2015
I'm glad you received that advice and acted on it. Yes, many people do have a thyroid issue and it can do funny weird things. Good luck!!!

Unfortunately, my issue is food. Not the best job to have if you eat due to stress.
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