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TwinMama 10:01 AM 11-19-2015
So my almost 4 year old dcb just said,"I'm going to miss you in the Spring."

I asked him where he was going. He said I don't know yet. We don't really have a plan.

Do I mention it to his Mom and ask her?
KSDC 10:07 AM 11-19-2015
Personally, I would ask.
"DCB mentioned that he will miss me in the spring. Is there something I need to know?"
Ariana 12:14 PM 11-19-2015
I had this happen to me but I never said anything. I knew months in advance that DCG was going somewhere else but mom ended up only giving me 2 weeks notice. I ended up taking a year off so had no intention of replacing her as she was my last child to leave.

I would hint around slightly about it perhaps. I wouldn't want DCB to get in trouble.
Tags:kids say the strangest things
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