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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Iowa Home Daycare?
Sharonkay 10:25 AM 09-23-2009
Anyone in Iowa and have a home daycare? Looking to chat with someone who has experience with having a daycare in Iowa.

tymaboy 03:32 PM 09-23-2009
I am in IA.
tinytotzdaycare 08:55 AM 09-27-2009
I am in Iowa as well!! =)
Unregistered 08:53 AM 10-30-2009
I am in Iowa as well-
Michael 09:01 AM 10-30-2009
Suggest the "unregistered" commenter Register . It allows for many forum services like ummoderated posting, Private Messaging and Grouping. If enough join we can start a more permanent Iowa Providers Section.
Unregistered 02:47 PM 08-09-2010
Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me a little more about home day care and the requirements to have a home day care also the pay thanks. Email me at
JessicaQ 03:34 PM 08-16-2010
I am also on Iowa and I have been doing daycare for almost 5 years!! Me and my husband do it together and we are a category C!!
Michael 03:38 PM 08-16-2010
Welcome JessicaQ. Here are some more earlier threads regarding Iowa:
momma2girls 06:28 AM 08-18-2010
I am in Iowa as well!! Glad to see all the Iowan's on here!!
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