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Daycare and Taxes>? for Tom--Depreciation
AnythingsPossible 02:00 PM 04-09-2011
We purchased our home in March of 2009, and didn't claim depreciation on 09 taxes, would I have to refile our whole tax return for 09 in order to claim or is there a way to claim 09 depreciation on 10 taxes?
TomCopeland 06:42 PM 04-09-2011
You have a choice. You can amend your 2009 tax return, claim the home depreciation and get a refund.

Or you can file Form 3115 with your 2010 tax return (as well as mailing a copy to the address on the instructions to this form), claim the 2009 depreciation and transfer the amount to your Schedule C for 2010.

For details, see my 2010 Family Child Care Tax Workbook and Organizer.
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