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sahm1225 07:20 AM 01-26-2011
I had posted before about this family and how I had given them 10 days unpaid. Well, we are not even at the end of the month and they have already used up 4 of their days. The DCD came by and did some work on our house (and I OFFERED to pay, but he refused to charge), then they are offering to buy some snacks, juice and fruits for the daycare...

I want to make sure they understand that they are still under contract and although I really appreciate what they are doing/offering that they still onlly have 10 days..

So here are my questions:

1) Am I in the wrong to have accepted the work on the home and not have paid? If yes, then should I just tell them that since they wouldnt accept payment that I am not going to count Januarys days off towards their totals?

2) How do I bring it up that they have used up almost half of their unpaid days on the first month of the year without seeming ungrateful for what they have done? I just dont want to come out seeming ungrateful or even worse seem like a total push over if I dont stand behind my contract (they gave me a lot of push back about putting a cap on unpaid days)
JenNJ 07:29 AM 01-26-2011
I would ask dcd for an estimate on the home repairs "for your records." I would see what the cost was and pro-rate the bill/offer them the use of the unpaid days for January. They sound like a golden family and I would want them to know how much they are appreciated.
marniewon 07:32 AM 01-26-2011
Maybe just send a "form" type note home at the end of every month stating how many days they get per year, how many they have used so far, and the number of days remaining. Make it more of a statement then a note or letter and make it seem like you send it out to everyone, at the end of every month.

As far as taking days off since dcd did work on your house but refused payment, that's on them. I would NOT take any days off of what they have used. If dcd wanted payment, he should have taken it. The two things are not related. If you allow them to think that every little thing they do will allow them as many free days off as they want, you will be getting dumb things like a gallon of milk a week, or a box of crackers, and they will think they are good.

If they ask again about bringing things like juice, milk, crackers, etc, just smile and sound excited and say "of course! Donations to the daycare are always welcome!". This should let them know that whatever they bring is a donation only, not a way to get more free days off.
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