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Daycare and Taxes>Calculating Your Time Percentage
Jennifer91 11:39 AM 01-30-2011
I'm trying to calculate my TIME PERCENTAGE and I'm wondering what others put down. Does 465 hours when children are NOT present seem too high?
JoJo 12:42 PM 01-30-2011
I have 522 I'm wondering if mine is too high? What do others have?
TomCopeland 03:09 PM 01-30-2011
Don't worry about what other providers are claiming. Everyone is different. I a national survey done a number of years ago, providers said they spent on business activities when children were not present was 13.9 hours a week, or 728 hours a year.

You should keep at least two months of careful records showing these hours. Then you can use an average for these two months for the rest of the year. Keep tracking two months each year.
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