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Abigail 04:03 PM 03-20-2011
This is what is in my handbook so far on "My Records for Your Child"

My Records for Your Child
I will keep the following records for each child and you must notify me as soon as possible if any of this information needs to be updated.
• Contract
• Policy Handbook
• Immunization Records
• Authorized Persons Form (to drop off and pick up the child)
• Medication Administration Form (as they occur)
• Emergency Contact Information Form (parents, relatives, doctor, dentist)
• Emergency Release Form (medical and dental)
• General Permissions Form (photograph, sunscreen, diapering products, insect repellent)
• Field Trip Permission Slips (as they occur)
• Incident Reports (as they occur)
• Special Instructions (from the child’s parent/guardian)
gbcc 05:14 AM 03-21-2011
Sounds good! Here in NY we also have to keep daily health checks. We have to record if they have any scratches, bruises, strange behavior etc.
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