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284878 07:49 PM 05-21-2019
I have a DCM that contacted me and she says she has her son every other week and wants care for only the week that she has him.

I charge $150 a week. I am okay with just charging a holding fee for the week they are not attending. So I was thinking about changing to bi-weekly and charging $225.

I do not charge when I am closed for the day. How would I go about giving credit if needed to give one?

Is it common for any daycare to not charge for the other week?

What policies do you have in place for every other week family?

Any questions that I should ask? (like should I know where the child will be when not at my daycare?)
storybookending 08:15 PM 05-21-2019
I would not do this but if you are going to I would give them a completely separate contact. Charge the $225 bi weekly if that is what you can swing but if you are closed take the time paid as they are already getting a deal. As for all other policies everything would be the same as my other clients except the pay difference. I know local centers in town accommodate schedules like this but with the limited number of spaces I have I couldn’t financially afford it.
Michael 08:23 PM 05-21-2019
Here is another thread on every-other/week care:
Mike 07:58 AM 05-22-2019
I agree with storybookending. If you're happy with $225 biweekly, charge that, but no refunds for days off because they're already getting a deal.
Jupadia 09:20 AM 05-22-2019
I did this in a way, kids schedule changed every week. So some weeks it was 3 days and some 2. I did know what days months in advance when parent received their schedueal. I only did it at time cause I was opening and desperate to sign a few kids. I only charged for days they booked and was able to fill in bits of the other days. But it left me losing money when I did fill .
My ratios changed and i let the family go, and I would be against it.
Now I have a kid who comes Tuesday to Friday but pays for whole week. I like it this way much better
rosieteddy 11:17 AM 05-22-2019
I think that kind of schedule is best for centers.More children have different schedules there .The child would fit in easier there .You will take a financial hit and the child will possibly feel not part of the group.
Cat Herder 11:45 AM 05-22-2019
I would charge full rate because there will be many schedule changes she does not see coming. Parenting/custody time schedules are not set in stone. Things change constantly and rapidly in blended family situations.

Full-time tuition, attend as needed. Pay for the slot.

Low conflict parents can typically share one provider. "High conflict" or "move away" parents can not. Being high conflict or a move away parent is expensive, but not the daycare providers responsibility or concern.
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