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Curriculum>Pasting Squares
kcnjason 08:52 PM 09-13-2011
I mistakenly ordered "pasting squares" through discount school supply. I now have a huge bag full of these colored squares and I am clueless about what to do with them. Any ideas? I would love some!
Cat Herder 06:53 AM 09-14-2011
I saw that they discontinued them.

You could let the kids use those giant paper punches (also at Discount School Supply) and glue the cutouts to other squares. Maybe add some peel and stick sequins, pom-poms, squiggly eyes or colored rice?

You could use them with those stamp pads. The smaller space would mean the ink pads would last longer.

You could let them sort by color, stack and bind them with rubber cement across the top of the stack to make individual pads of note paper. Maybe even let them stamp each page to decorate first and present them as a parent gift?

You could also let them tear/cut the squares into pieces to make poster/rainbow collages.

Endless possibilities.
GotKids 07:19 AM 09-14-2011
What about a rainbow fish activity? You can have then paste them on a large fish shape after reading about rainbow fish.
Crystal 05:42 PM 09-14-2011

collage - allow them to glue freely to create designs, etc.

counting and sorting by colors - use pieces of colored construction paper and have children sort the squares matching them to the construction paper - have them count them.

same as above except write numbers 1-10 on the construction paper and have them place count out the right number of squares while placing them on the paper

cut a bunch of them up into tiny pieces to use as a different material for collage

make each child a small paper booklet, put numbers on each page and have them glue the right number of squares onto each page. do the numbers in order 1- 10 and they have a counting book

write their names in big letters, give them glue to put over the letters and glue the squares on to make a name sign

create pattern cards (red, red, blue, blue, etc) give the children a bowl of squares and have them create the same patterns.
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