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SilverSabre25 03:09 PM 04-08-2011
Of my 4 dcks...

the 18 month old is a big "Mine-o-saurus" and if someone touches something he can even SEE from across the room, he runs over, bursts into tears, and tries to take it back.

The about-to-be-2-year-old has developed a hitting and a taking problem. He used to be a biter but we got him over that hump.

The 26 month old has developed a MAJOR hitting problem. The problem wouldn't be so big if her parents handled it better, and if she didn't burst into tears every time you so much as look at her cross-eyed. (She hits, and then cries and expects hugs...)

The about-to-be-3-year old was my troublemaker this week...not listening to the rules, very defiant, VERY whiny (as in, I rarely hear him say something that's not in a whining voice), and pushing limits at every turn.

What a group right now. No wonder I'm ready for the weekend (although the oldest dck comes on Saturdays as well so it's not really much of a break for me). I know how to handle all the problems, but they mostly seem to have cropped up/worsened just this week and took me by surprise.

And of course, having embarked on a major home improvement project unexpectedly this morning, I don't have much time this weekend to relax!
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