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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Tips For Sieving Multi-Age Group With High Maintenance Baby?!?
laceylmm 09:25 AM 09-18-2013
I currently have my own almost two year old. A very high maintenance, screams if you aren't holding her two month old, a very pleasant two month old, and two half day for year olds (one AM and one pm).

So the screamer is throwing off any hopes getting much done. How have others coped with this? I've had her for over a month. Little can be done other than pack her around or listen to her scream.
Heidi 10:12 AM 09-18-2013
I just went through this. DCB is 12 weeks old. A little over a week ago we changed his formula to the gentle version of Similac. He was on regular Similac. He is a totally different child.

I was at the point that I was really considering terminating. Since he is one of my closest friend's children (and I was there at his birth), I really didn't want to do that. With some hesitation, mom agreed. Within about 24 hours, he changed completely.

BTW, Walmart let her exchange all her unopened cans of formula!
laceylmm 10:26 AM 09-18-2013
Mine is breasted. I wish we could do a formula switch. And my neighbor so a termination would be hard.
laceylmm 10:31 AM 09-18-2013
I do wonder if it might be an acid reflux thing sometimes. Parents seem content just carrying her upright all day...or sitting at the end of their bed an bouncing her.
Blackcat31 10:39 AM 09-18-2013
Originally Posted by laceylmm:
Mine is breasted. I wish we could do a formula switch. And my neighbor so a termination would be hard.
Have you talked with the mom? I would simply lay it all out there for her....let her know how much work it is to care for this baby and be 100%honest about it. Don't sugar coat it and dont' sweat the fact that she is a neighbor....that really shouldn't have anything to do with this situation.

Her baby is this.close to being termed and maybe needs a nanny so it would be in her best interest as well as the baby's if you were honest with her about how much this is stressing you out....

Good luck!

I have been there myself a time or two and the ONE thing I learned is that I don't HAVE to continue sticking it out...I don't HAVE to keep trying and dealing with a screaming baby....I HAVE to give the issue to who it really belongs to and that is the parent(s)
TwinKristi 10:43 AM 09-18-2013
I would first try getting a baby carrier, not a Bjorn but a softer type like a Beco, Ergo, etc. They aren't cheap but it may be worth it (plus a tax write off) compared to terming the baby and friendship with your neighbor. You can wear them on your back or your front and it was a real life saver for me with my own kids and has been a great tool with daycare. I even let a friend who's also a DC provider borrow one of mine and she ended up offering to buy it because it was perfect for her fussy baby who likes to be held.
melilley 12:15 PM 09-18-2013
I went through the same thing a few months ago. Dcb started here at 6mo. and cried until he was almost 12 mo. old. It was he**, but I couldn't bring myself to term (lack of a backbone I guess). I had to carry him around or have him in a swing if I wanted to do something with the other kids. The only time he was happy was when he was eating, sleeping or sometimes outside and it drove me to tears sometimes. Turns out he had some respiratory problems and was put on some meds and is totally fine now!
If I had to do it all over again, I would have termed. I had just opened when he started and thought I needed to keep him and I did feel bad, but no more in the future! If you talk to the parents and nothing seems to help and you are stressed out, term!
I agree with BC, you don't have to take it, it is the parents who need to deal with the issue. If only I took that advice!
tratliff 02:20 PM 09-20-2013
I love the suggestion for getting a baby carrier. Could this be a food related problem. The baby is breastfed so is it possible that something in the mom's diet is affecting him and causing discomfort. Have you talked to mom to see what's going on at home. Even if he's not spitting up, it could still be gastrointestinal discomfort.
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