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Magic 11:26 AM 12-05-2018
I have a new just 1 year old
we did slow introduction
and now full time
issue is
he will not stop crying
the only time he stops is if I am holding him or sitting right beside him on couch
I am not sure how long we try before we give up
and it is not fair to my over kiddos
for he cries at snack lunch crafts diaper changing me peeing and well you get the idea
I can not prepare food or do crafts with the kids
any suggestions out there ?
and carrying front or back in packs is not an option here
please and thank you
i am about to cry myself !!
rosieteddy 01:44 PM 12-05-2018
That is so hard.A good thing is he is there full time.It will still be hard.Can you set up a playpen next to you?What about an exersaucer next to you.Do you get outside often.I always felt that it was not so bad outside when they cried.I also felt it took a solid 2 plus weeks to get them used to the routine.I would switch some things up.Maybe do craft after lunch when he goes down for nap.Does he eat table food.Maybe start his lunch early and make it lastso you can maybe do something at the table with the others.I often prepared lunch ahead of time the first couple of weeks.I feel for you it can be so stressful.
Michael 02:03 PM 12-05-2018
Here are some more threads on crying all day:
Magic 12:36 PM 12-06-2018
thank you
today was a complete turn around
and very fast
very fast for such a new young guy
it is awesome that in the middle of the tears I can reach out here and just let it out
that alone is a huge help
here is a place of support
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