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greenhouse 01:36 PM 10-31-2011
So,due to the severe storm up here in the northeast- we have no power, no heat, no running water, no way to cook, etc. etc. I have one DCM who still wants me to watch her child and I'm just not up to it. Please tell me I'm not being unreasonable.If it were summer and could take the kids outside and grill maybe... Am I being too picky or is it reasonable to close until power is restored? WWYD
Heidi 01:38 PM 10-31-2011
Not allowed here....If you are regulated, you cannot provide care without essential services.

Now, if the power goes out for 15 minutes in the middle of the day, that's one thing...but you guys may be out for a while. Tell her to STAY HOME!
MsMe 01:38 PM 10-31-2011
it has never happened to me but I would not be open if there was no power....

I am almost positive that it is common to close when you don't have power....

it my even be in your regs taht you CAN NOT be open with out power!
greenhouse 01:41 PM 10-31-2011
That's what I was thinking- I know temperature alone is a reg. it's 49 in here now!
wdmmom 01:41 PM 10-31-2011
Can't here either. No power, no daycare.
Cat Herder 01:47 PM 10-31-2011
I open, but I planned for outages before I opened. It is part of the regs, here. (Emergency Preparedness Plan)

Outages are very common here (in the woods). We are typically without 2 weeks a year.
KEG123 01:59 PM 10-31-2011
Ugh I would not.
daycare 02:13 PM 10-31-2011
I am not sure if it is part of my regs or not, but I do have in my PHB that should we loss power, water, heat (winter time) and a/c (during summer) for more than an hour, I will not open or I will send kids home.
nannyde 02:30 PM 10-31-2011

I have to have power to operate.
Michelle 02:33 PM 10-31-2011
Does not paying your electric bill on purpose to just get a day off count?

I have had days where it's tempting
rbmom 04:31 PM 10-31-2011
If we are out of power in mornings or the power is off during the day for more than an hour I close.
SilverSabre25 05:50 PM 10-31-2011
In the winter, in the cold, I will close if we lose power for long enough to make conditions unfavorable for the kids--i.e. too cold, which you definitely are!

Running water is certainly a must for daycare, IMO.

Summer without power is doable, winter, not so much. I would tell the dcm to get a life and keep her kid with her. Well, I'd say it more nicely than that. Probably. Some people get under my skin

Stay warm!
2ndFamilyDC 05:26 AM 11-01-2011
Is this mom nuts?! Without the essential things like heat and electricity why would she even want her child there.
I would definitely not be open.
melissa ann 05:35 AM 11-01-2011
In Sept, due to Tropical Storm Lee, we were w/o power for 24 hours. It went out at 1:30 in the morning. I callled my families. One family lives in the same little town as me so they were w/o power also. They had no problems with me closing for the day. Now my another family,who lives in another town, mom was upset that I closed. There was also flooding issues as well. We had to conserve water. I called her in the evening of the same day and told her we were still w/o power. She was annoyed at the thought of me closing again on Friday. The power came back on around 1:30 Friday morning so I called her around 7 to tell her that I will be open. Honestly, I swear some parents think we do these things on purpose.
Country Kids 06:31 AM 11-01-2011
No, legally we are not allowed to. Now, when calling parents I would just say per state regulations I'm not allowed to open due to power outages. Then give them the local number to your CCR&R and have them talk to them about the regulations.
Live and Learn 09:10 AM 11-01-2011
No power = no daycare.
MarinaVanessa 11:24 AM 11-01-2011
I'm in CA and sometimes our power goes out just because it goes out (we're the state of the rolling blackouts lol). Sometimes the power goes out for a few minutes, sometimes for the entire day. If I open and I have power then I wait it out for 2 hours (I called licensing and I was told that I could do this) I then call the parents to let them know that they might have to pick up the kids and if it doesn't come back on within those 2 hours then I call and everyone gets picked up. If it's before I open and I don't have power then I stay closed until the power comes back on.

As for the gas going out unless it was cold (below 55 degrees, which is hardly ever in CA) then I would stay open for 2 hours and try to wait it out since I could heat food in the microwave.

If the water was ever out then I would deffinetely close. I can't do anything without water. We wouldn't be able to wash our hands, use the toilet, have running water etc. so I would deffinetely close immediately.

If I had two of the above go out then I would deffinetely close.
boysx5 11:42 AM 11-01-2011
Originally Posted by Michelle:
Does not paying your electric bill on purpose to just get a day off count?

I have had days where it's tempting
thats great
e.j. 11:45 AM 11-01-2011
I know some providers around here did open even without power. Their dc families had also lost power so I guess they figured, "What's the difference if they come here vs stay at home?" Some also have generators so they can function at least on a minimal basis. If you don't feel up to it, though, I wouldn't let the dc parent guilt you into it. It's not easy being without power when you don't have kids to care for, never mind when you do.

I hope you get your power back soon, if you don't already.
hugscorner 07:15 AM 11-06-2011
I run a family daycare in my home in Connecticut. We have been without power for over a week now and I have not opened my daycare since. How are other family providers handling the issue of payment. My contract states payment is still due in weather emergencies that require closing and I'm inclined to expect payment from all my enrolled clients.

How are other home daycare providers handling this situation?
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