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kpa0627 06:50 AM 04-20-2010
I'm about to move my daycare into a bigger, nicer house and with that comes more expenses for daycare especially since I will be able to add more children to my enrollment (paint, curtains, putting fence in yard, more table/chairs, etc.) So, I was thinking about trying to do a fundraiser to help out with some of those expenses. What are some things you've done that work/don't work. I know I won't make tons of money considering I only have 8sets of parents but 100 to 200 would even be worth it for me to put the extra effort into this. Thanks!
GretasLittleFriends 07:21 AM 04-20-2010
Here are some other threads about raising funds...
momma2girls 07:25 AM 04-20-2010
THere is a fundraiser called MC Fundraiser- I think you can google this, if you can't get a hold of me, and I will get their website for you. You make something like $5-$6.00 on each item. It does really good if you have many children, I only have 3 families currently- I am going to do it when I have more children here at daycare- I don't think it would be worth it with only 3 children.
mac60 07:39 AM 04-20-2010
I did a fundraiser garage sale, asked parents for items to sell, told them what I would be buying, I had maybe 3 families out of 7 donate something, made maybe $80, definately not worth my time and effort, or not worth giving up my evenings and Saturday and Sunday setting up, having it, and tearing down. No more fundraisers here.
TGT09 01:39 PM 04-20-2010
I'll be having an adoption fundraiser this summer but I have heard many people do these and get great results.
kpa0627 01:44 PM 04-20-2010
What's an adoption fundraiser?
TGT09 02:14 PM 04-20-2010
We are adopting a child and will be doing a garage sale to help us pay for the HUGE cost.
Unregistered 07:42 AM 04-26-2010
Hi there

Lovable Labels has a great way in helping you to plan out a fundraiser. Simply just go to there website and call in asking that you would like to "book a findraiser with us" and we will be happy to assist you

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