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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Emergency/Disaster Plans- Great Info!!
Blackcat31 07:36 AM 05-21-2013
In light of the recent events in Oklahoma with the tornados, I received this link in my e-mail this morning from my licensor.

It has some really fantastic info ALL providers should read and take advantage of....
SilverSabre25 07:58 AM 05-21-2013
Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to peruse this.

Just this morning I am retooling my disaster planning, for daycare hours as well as my own family. WE don't live in Tornado Alley but we do get nasty storms and a few tornado warnings a year, as well as occasional other weird events that would require advance preparation.
LaLa1923 09:16 AM 05-21-2013
Very nice!!! Thank you!

We are required by licensing to take a disaster planning class. But this is great for me to refer to....thank you!!
MrsSteinel'sHouse 10:07 AM 05-21-2013
Thanks! Appreciate the information!
Sugar Magnolia 11:22 AM 05-21-2013
Great link! Thanks.
Isn't it weird how this comes to the front of everyone's mind after a disaster? We don't get much tornado action down here in the swamp, but we did a mini drill today. My place is two stories, (just office upstairs) and we have a closet underneath the stairs.....BUT.....we store the cots in there. It took my husband 2 minutes to get the cots out and all of us to get in. Not bad. We do have hurricanes, but much.advance warning, no drills really needed. After Katrina, however, I do have an ax stored up in my attic, (home, not at the school). Never would've worried about drowning in my attic before Katrina.
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