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DaisyMamma 08:00 PM 07-09-2013
I'm looking into getting some new playground equipment and need some ideas for fundraising that actually work. Anyone?
DaycareMama 11:04 AM 07-11-2013
I think little tikes has a fundraising thing to buy their commercial playgrounds. I believe I saw it on the commercial website
MarinaVanessa 11:39 AM 07-11-2013
I'm not sure if you're aware but if you have a PayPal account you can ask for donations and keep track of progress through it. Of course PayPal takes a small portion of the donations but all you have to do is copy some code and put it in your website, social media account or add it to email. Friends, family and clients can donate either by using their own PayPal account or can use PayPal to donate with a card (credit or debit). You can also save a percentage of your daycare income and save it towards your goal, it doesn't have to be a large amount but something like 5-10% can do it over time (I save 20% of every payment and tuck it away for "rainy days" or "mad money".

Here's some info: PayPal For Personal Fundraising
williams2008 12:16 PM 07-11-2013
We done the $1 raffle tickets for a gas card last year, and it done really well!

The one we are doing next month to raise money for our playground is, Dimes Make a Difference give each child and empty 16 oz. water bottle and ask them to collect dimes. We will be decorating the water bottles and placing a "Dimes Makes a Difference label on them, each bottle holds approximately $92 in dimes!!
sahm1225 06:33 PM 07-11-2013
Love the dimes idea!

We do a summer party to raise money for things. Last year we got over $400 which paid for our tshirts and a little playhouse.
This year we did raffle tickets for $5/each and had lots of prizes. We made about $250....

Both of them I spent a fortune in the party! But I will keep doing them. The kids and families love it! Plus it builds loyalty
We had a lot of families this year donate food and things to raffle off which helped a Ton. We had the kids older siblings run a face painting booth for the younger ones. This year we used the money towards new cot sheets & saving the rest for our Xmas party.
sahm1225 06:37 PM 07-11-2013
Sorry I got side tracked on my last post!

The raffle tickets were good. But I love the dime idea below. You should definitely list the goal (the dollar amount). The first time we had a goal
And made twice what we needed.

Ask parents to help if you decide to do a party. Ours were glad to help.

Oh - our raffle grand prize was a free day of daycare.
Starburst 07:58 PM 07-11-2013
You could try doing a garage or rummage sale to get rid of things you don't want or need anymore and make money (could also sell stuff on craigslist). You can also see if the daycare parents have anything they want to get rid of as well.

Maybe you or the kids (depending on age) can make something like bracelets or a group quilt/lamp and see about selling it online on (3 bracelets for $5 or 6 bracelets for $10 or a quilt for $20).
DaisyMamma 04:12 AM 07-13-2013
Thanks guys! Great ideas
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