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284878 09:33 PM 06-23-2019
Currently, I have 3 kids with 3 different sets of food restrictions, so I am just getting used to the substitution rules. Just for fun, I sent a milk substitution form in for my ds using my milk instead of whole milk. (I had to mail the other forms in anyways)

My rep called and said I did not need to send in a form for substituting my milk for my son, she made it sound like breastmilk never required a substitute form.

So then I had a family contact me at the last minute saying that they would be coming. (DCM said no but then Dcd said yes) so at 8:30 one night I ran to town to get 1%. NO, convenient store, pharmacy or gas station in town carries 1% currently (My go-to pharmacy ($2 a gallon) recently stopped, they blame the milk brand driver) Even the grocery store only sells a small amount of 1% ($4 a gallon), sometimes they are sold out and I have had to make a second stop at the pharmacy for milk (which I currently can't do). Most of the locations only carry 2% and whole milk, a few carry fat-free or skim.

(I know, I could get fat free or skim but then it would be faster just to pour down the drain when I got home then dirty the cups I pour it in because no one drinks it.)

Anyways, I started wondering could I send in a subform to use 2% instead of 1% or fat-free/skim. (of course, I would have to get my client to agree to it.) What do you think, do you think I could pull it off? Is there any rule that does not allow this substitute?
Michael 12:14 AM 06-24-2019
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