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Unregistered 02:15 PM 12-05-2011
I have a dcm who is a bit strange. Her son is a love, and she is a nice woman; however, she is a flake. Recently, she has been arriving at my home and sitting in the driveway texting on her phone for up to 45 minutes. I haven't witnessed it, but other families come in and tell me she is sitting out there It really annoys me, and I find it rude. Thoughts?
CheekyChick 02:23 PM 12-05-2011
As long as she doesn't knock on your door 45 minutes early, I wouldn't worry about it.
AnneCordelia 02:26 PM 12-05-2011
You could just add a paragraph to the end of your newsletter, or pin to your bulletin board a sign, asking parents to please be quick using your driveway as a courtesy to other parents picking up their children, your neighbours who are affected by traffic on your street, and your own family who need to be able to use the driveway.
Zoe 02:29 PM 12-05-2011
If somebody did that with my driveway, I'd be upset, because it's in an alleyway and would result in the next parent blocking the alley. So I'd say something. I don't know what your set-up is, but if it's keeping the proper traffic from flowing nicely, I'd say something. It's rude, I agree.
cheerfuldom 02:32 PM 12-05-2011
I would not allow a mom to do that. As soon as she is on your property, you are liable for anything that might happen with her and her child.
Sunshine44 05:23 AM 12-06-2011
If she is outside, she takes the child.

Walk her child to the door with their stuff and make her come get the child.
Ariana 05:58 AM 12-06-2011
She's sitting in the driveway with car running and child in the back for 45 minutes? yikes, I'd be peeved too. I would probably say "My neighbours have been complaining about idling cars in my driveway, no sure who it is, but I'm reminding all parents to make quick drop offs and pickups." or something along those lines....
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